23 Nov

Well, Justice of a sort.

Last night, about 6:15pm one of our customer’s (we’ll call him “A”) was cycling over the bridge which connects the Leeds General Infirmary and the bottom of Clarendon Road. On noticing that 2 guys (“Y” and “Z”) loitering on the bridge, “A” moved out of the cycling lane to avoid the blokes. As “A” rode past them, “Y” viciously kicked him off the bike.

So, there’s “A” on the floor and “Y” coming over to him. You’d think “A” would be passive and “Y” and “Z” would take the “A’s” bike and bags. “Y” and “Z” didn’t know who they were dealing with!

“A” got up and landed a punch on “Y”s nose and knee into “Y’s” groin – blood gushes and “Y” is now on the floor. “Z” decided that this is not easy picking and belts it down the road.

Witness (“B”) comes to assist and restrains “Y”. “A” is chasing “Z” down the road – unfortunately “Z” got away.

The Police are called. “Y” is now SOBBING and BEGGING to be released.  Within 2 minutes the Police arrive in a car and, shortly afterwards the Cycling Police arrive. Great Service! After taking statements, the Police take “Y” away.

To us, it appears that a pair of ‘smack or crack heads’ were waiting for ANYONE to pass by for easy pickings. They would probably have passed the bike over to their dealer for only £10 or £20. The violence used by the culprits was extreme!

We’re glad that, at least one of the got their just-desserts!

“A” could easily have been a child, an elderly person, someone with a health problem or YOU.

If you see anyone acting suspiciously, take personal responsibility and do something about – don’t think assume that someone else is going to take care of it. At least call the Police – they would rather it was a ‘false alarm’ then deal with a traumatised victim afterwards. By taking action you will be helping to make our city safer for all of us.


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