Just so that you know where we stand

14 Dec

We are offering my pal, Julian Assange, ANY bicycle of his choice from us FOR FREE.

Julian, when you see this, pop into the shop and we’ll measure you up for a bike and bits (helmet, pump, reflective vest, etc.).

Hope to see you soon!

PS I got some gossip for you!


4 responses to “Just so that you know where we stand

  1. alicejelinek

    2010-12-16 at 18:26

    Hooray, you have comments! That means I can let you know that if you use a dark background with yellow text, and if I follow this blog with Google Reader ( ), which I do, I can see a white background with yellow text on it, which it is not possible to read!

    It can also be really hard for some visually impaired and dyslexic people to read too.

    Great that you’re blogging though, I found out about the Yellow Pages voucher the other day and gave mine to a skint friend who I just donated my old bike to. Plus I’ve been recommending Re-Cycle on the CTC forums here

    Keep it up!

    • Re-Cycle Engineering

      2010-12-17 at 08:29

      Firstly, THANK YOU very much for actually reading our ramblings. I didn’t know that anyone was even aware that we had a blog!
      Secondly, THANK YOU very much for your kind words re CTC. We’ve always respected them.
      Thirdly, you are a “good ‘un” for passing on your voucher and bike to your friend.

      I followed your links and used Google Reader. True, some of the older articles are unreadable (yellow text on white background). However, the newer ones appear perfectly legible on my computer at home. What goes on here??? I don’t know why this should be so. Although I’ve had a go at changing the settings in Google Reader, I can’t find anything. Any thoughts???

  2. Julian Assange

    2010-12-16 at 09:47

    Thanks Friends. I’ll pop in as soon as I’m free – just a little tied-up at the mo.

    PS Can I also have one of those Lenser B7 lights?


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