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1993: Busy time for Mr. Clips

Here’s clipping from the local toilet paper from 1993 (thought you might be interested):

And here’s the enlarged version:


Emmerdale: The Bicycles

For over 10 years we have been fettlin’ the bicycles used by the Emmerdale cast. The production company’s brief is very simple: make sure the bikes are safe, efficient and effective – don’t tart them up!

We’d like to think that the reason for the production company to use us is because we are either:

  • good at what we do (and/or)
  • timely (and/or)
  • reasonably-priced.

Anyway here’s the pics – see if you can spot any.





The following is one you probably wont have seen – it will appear in a near-future episode (sorry, no spoiler).

Please note: Emmerdale do not necessarily endorse us. They just continue to use us.

As a way of saying a big ‘Thank You’ to one of most loyal customers, we will be giving a 10% discount on all future works.

THANK YOU to Emmerdale

from the team at Re-Cycle Engineering


Bank Holiday (29th August 2011)

We will be open as usual (10am to 6pm) on Monday, 29th August 2011.


We’ll be open on Friday, 29th April 2011

It pains us to even acknowledge the presence of this treasonous, corrupt and parasitic family. It’s also bewildering to accept the idea millions of unknowing ‘subjects’ will wasting electricity by following the farce on tv. Why do we, the taxpayers, have to foot any of the bill for the security. Why? Their clan is one of the richest in the world.

The whole family should be imprisoned in The Tower of London until they can justify or prove that they have any legitimacy ‘over’ us. The Head has already broken her Coronation Oath many, many times – technically, she has renounced her ‘sovereignty’.

Ho hum.

The Sheeple will continue to pay for them, the corrupt politicians, the unconstitutional EU, their fraudster banks, the exploitative, fat-cat international corporates and almost anyone who threatens them with a fine.

Although we would like to shut up shop for the day in protest, the shop will be open as usual on Friday, 29th April (10am to 6pm). We’ll be here for cyclists.

We’ll give the couple 6 months!

We’re neither anarchists nor ne’re-do-wells. We just want to fairly taxed, fairly legislated and fairly represented. We ALL deserve and need a good representative (local and national) government, good local services, a fair application of justice and a Britain that we can all be proud of.

Anyone else feel the same?

Rant over!.

We hope that you will all have a good couple of weekends. Be good to your family, friends, neighbours and all people. Live with dignity and Honour.

PS Happy Birthday Your Majesty

PPS Sod the Census


Easter Opening Times

We will be open on Easter Friday (22nd, 10am to 6pm), Saturday  (23rd, 10am to 5pm) and Monday (10am to 6pm).

PS Sod the Census.


Just so that you know where we stand

We are offering my pal, Julian Assange, ANY bicycle of his choice from us FOR FREE.

Julian, when you see this, pop into the shop and we’ll measure you up for a bike and bits (helmet, pump, reflective vest, etc.).

Hope to see you soon!

PS I got some gossip for you!


Student Discount

We just did a quick search on Leeds bicycle shops to find out which ones offer student discounts. We got quite a surprised!

Although Leeds has over 50,000 students, it appears that, other than us, not one (yeah, that’s right, NOT ONE) offer any support to them.

This is another reason why we can say that “we are not like other shops“.

Re-Cycle Engineering's Student Discount

So, just to reiterate,

Re-Cycle Engineering provides a 10% discount on new parts and accessories to all students – including A-levels, undergraduates and post-graduates – wherever they study!

Unfortunately, this discount excludes our (already very good) offers.


Just trying to provide a good service

About 18 months ago, one of our regular customer had bought a bike from another shop (one closer to him than ours).

The end of the inner gear cable had broken and lodged itself into the right-hand STi lever – making gear-changing impossible. He took it back to the shop. They couldn’t fix it and quoted him £150 to replace and fit a new lever.

For a second opinion he brought it to us. Using the correct tool and technique, we got it working in 5 seconds. The customer asked us “how much for that – you’ve just saved me £150!”. Our reply: “Sorry John, you’re one of our ‘regulars’, we can’t really charge you for that. See you!”

Two minutes later,  he came back with a very nice bottle of claret for us.

Nice to be nice.