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For Xmas 2012 ….

We have a lot of mottos – one of them is: “Products Kills The Planet!”

Some would say “that’s a bit unusual for a shop”. True, we’ve always been ‘UNUSUAL’:

We’re into fixing shit, NOT CONsuming shite

So, we just couldn’t resist ‘borrowing’ this from our friend:


Who’s this friend? None other than David Icke ( Yes, David Icke, the footballer & sport commentator. You know, the one we used to LAUGH AT. the one we used to RIDICULE and the one we thought was a NUT-JOB.

Well, read ALL of the rest of his learnings & wisdom and tell us who should be LAUGHED AT, who should be RIDICULED and who really are the NUT-JOBS. Remember, it was David who exposed Jimmy Saville years ago (whilst the paedo was still alive).

If you don’t NEED it, don’t freaking buy it.


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Glorified Sport ‘Day’

Just so that you know where we stand:

Do your own research.

See the hype.
See the propaganda.
See the lies.
See the cost to the British taxpayers.
See the corporatisation of Britain.
See the VIP (Very Important Parasites) lanes.
See the missiles.
See the polished turd.

Anyway, isn’t it all a bit war-like xenophobia (nations versus nations)?