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Recycle Engineering – Gangnam Style

No, this ain’t us (we’re too ugly & crap at dancing to put our entertainment efforts on T’InterWeb)!

The above is from another recycling business with the same(ish) name (Recycle Engineering Co.Ltd. ) as ours (Re-Cycle Engineering).

Hope you enjoy.


Ever felt cheated?


Ever felt cheated?

Meet your very own Strawman on:

Be the Freeman-on-the Land that you are.



Closed – Saturday, 26th March 2011

For the very first time in 22 years we will be closed on a Saturday.

We won’t be taking a holiday, or going cycling or posing in the pub. We’re off to Anti- Cuts Demo in London.

This Government (and all those previously), together with their WBanker friends have parasited off the back of all tax-payers for decades. Not only have they laughed into our faces, but also awarded themselves big fat-cat bonuses.

Their collective arrogance, incompetence and immorality is staggering.

Enough we say. We’ll be showing that WE DO NOT CONSENT to their shenanigans. We will be showing our disgust by (initially) demonstrating, hand-in-hand with local government, NHS, fire service, etc. JOIN US.

Apologies for this late notice.

PS. Sod the Census.


Just so that you know where we stand

We are offering my pal, Julian Assange, ANY bicycle of his choice from us FOR FREE.

Julian, when you see this, pop into the shop and we’ll measure you up for a bike and bits (helmet, pump, reflective vest, etc.).

Hope to see you soon!

PS I got some gossip for you!


Nowt (much) to do with bicycles



Following yesterday’s arrest of WikiLeaks‘ founder Julian Assange, you may glad to know that the farce continues.

Check out “U.S. to Host World Press Freedom Day in 2011” and the the associated Facebook entry on “World Press Freedom Day 2011” (see also the ‘User Guidelines’).

We’ve been up most of the night looking at the allegations, reactions and facts of the non-case. You may already know that Amazon, Paypal, Mastercard (and others) have taken a stance to deny Wikileaks the access the internet and to their legitimate funds.

We’re not sure how to proceed – if we boycott these companies, do then also boycott all dodgy companies and, where do we draw the line. We live in interesting times.

We will continue to ponder and report back.