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Short Break

CLOSED: Tuesday (25th), Wednesday (26th) and Thursday (28th) October 2016.

Re-Opens: 10am. Friday, 29th October 2016.



Stolen Bikes: Gone In 60 Seconds

Check out this great (25mins) vid from those nice people at PinkBike.

The London Program investigates the £27 million pound crime wave that is seeing thousands of bicycles being stolen from the capital’s streets. Our reporter catches some professional bike thieves in action and finds out how easy it is to steal a bike in central London.

See the vid here:

Of course, ANY LOCK can got into if you’ve got the correct tools, technique and time (e.g. you’ll get at the gold in Fort Knox with enough nail files and a couple of lifetimes). However, please don’t be too alarmed by the above video.

And, be aware of anyone who over-emphasises bicycle security – they may be trying to sell you a product which you don’t need. We recommend that you only buy your lock from:

  1. an Independent Bicycle Shop (IBS) which
  2. provides comprehensive advice on bicycle security based upon: a) your wallet, b) value of the bike, c) levels of exposure, d) convenience required, and e) your bike’s replacement cost,

At Re-Cycle Engineering, we believe that we are the last shop left in the north of England which provides renovated bicycles as a core activity. As all our reconditioned bikes are guaranteed NOT TO BE STOLEN. Any buyer of any our sold bikes, which are later proved to be stolen (by the Police), will get their money back.

We also stock 2 categories of locks:

  1. Cheap (snatch-proof from £6 to £20) and
  2. Insurance company approved (from £25 to £120).

Happy parking!


You don’t even get that for murder

Just a short note on our belated birthday.

As of 1st October 2012,

we have been repairing bikes for over 23 years.

You don’t even get that for murder.


Now accepting repairs (Monday, 25th June 2012)

Title says it all.

A bit like this fellow:


NOT taking repairs until 25th June 2012


Further to our last post, we have inundated with repairs at the mo’.

So, we will NOT be taking any more repairs in until 25th June 2012.

Our apologies to all cyclists

The above does NOT apply to our regular customers!

The GOOD news: We will try to continue our “Whilst You Wait” service for small repairs (e.g. fit new inner tubes, fit new wheel(s), etc.).



We’ve become the fortunate victims …

  • Each year we repair over 3,000 bicycles.
  • 95% of our new customers arrive via ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations.
  • We do not need to advertise.

For the past 5 years we have experienced and ever-increasing demand for our services.

No matter what we try, more and more and more and more cyclist are turning to us for their repair and upgrade works.

This trend appears to be over-and-above the increase in cycling in the Leeds area and seasonal variations.

In fact we have just had our busiest winter season – we’ve worked ‘flat-out’ and are at full-capacity all the time.

Seems as though we have become the fortunate victims of our own success

Therefore, just to catch up:

  • We will NOT be accepting any new repair requests until Monday, 18th June (at the earliest).
  • Please accept our sincerest apologies.
  • The above does NOT apply to our regular customers!

The GOOD news: We will try to continue our “Whilst You Wait” service for small repairs (e.g. fit new inner tubes, fit new wheel(s), etc.).


Re-open at 10am, Wednesday, 6th June 2012

We’re tired and need the rest,

Will re-open at 10am, Wednesday, 6th June 2012.


Closed: 2012-05-07 Early May Bank Holiday

Wonderful things are happening at home – so, at short notice, we will be closed on Monday, 7th May.

Re-open at 10am on Tuesday.


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Easter Opening Times

We will be OPEN on:

  • Friday (6th April, 10am to 6pm)
  • Saturday (7th April, 10am to 5pm)

We will be CLOSED:

  • Sunday (8th April)
  • Monday (9th April)

We will return to normal opening times (weekdays: 10am to 6pm and Saturdays: 10am to 5pm) on Tuesday, 10th April.