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For Xmas 2012 ….

We have a lot of mottos – one of them is: “Products Kills The Planet!”

Some would say “that’s a bit unusual for a shop”. True, we’ve always been ‘UNUSUAL’:

We’re into fixing shit, NOT CONsuming shite

So, we just couldn’t resist ‘borrowing’ this from our friend:


Who’s this friend? None other than David Icke ( Yes, David Icke, the footballer & sport commentator. You know, the one we used to LAUGH AT. the one we used to RIDICULE and the one we thought was a NUT-JOB.

Well, read ALL of the rest of his learnings & wisdom and tell us who should be LAUGHED AT, who should be RIDICULED and who really are the NUT-JOBS. Remember, it was David who exposed Jimmy Saville years ago (whilst the paedo was still alive).

If you don’t NEED it, don’t freaking buy it.


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2012-3: Xmas Closing

We’ve been on the go for 6 day/week for the past 50 weeks – we’re knackered – we’re taking a break.

Closed: Friday, 21st December

Re-opens: Monday, 7th January



Winter break

After repairing as many bikes as we do and taking the time to give customers a good service/advice, we need a break.

We will be CLOSED from Saturday, 24th December 2011 to Sunday, 1st January 2012 inclusive.

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Xmas & New Year Closing

We will be closed:

  • 24th (Friday) to 28th (Tuesday) December
  • 31st December (Friday) to 1st January (Saturday)

Our best hopes and wishes to all.