2012-3: Xmas Closing

We’ve been on the go for 6 day/week for the past 50 weeks – we’re knackered – we’re taking a break.

Closed: Friday, 21st December

Re-opens: Monday, 7th January



Stolen Bikes: Gone In 60 Seconds

Check out this great (25mins) vid from those nice people at PinkBike.

The London Program investigates the £27 million pound crime wave that is seeing thousands of bicycles being stolen from the capital’s streets. Our reporter catches some professional bike thieves in action and finds out how easy it is to steal a bike in central London.

See the vid here:

Of course, ANY LOCK can got into if you’ve got the correct tools, technique and time (e.g. you’ll get at the gold in Fort Knox with enough nail files and a couple of lifetimes). However, please don’t be too alarmed by the above video.

And, be aware of anyone who over-emphasises bicycle security – they may be trying to sell you a product which you don’t need. We recommend that you only buy your lock from:

  1. an Independent Bicycle Shop (IBS) which
  2. provides comprehensive advice on bicycle security based upon: a) your wallet, b) value of the bike, c) levels of exposure, d) convenience required, and e) your bike’s replacement cost,

At Re-Cycle Engineering, we believe that we are the last shop left in the north of England which provides renovated bicycles as a core activity. As all our reconditioned bikes are guaranteed NOT TO BE STOLEN. Any buyer of any our sold bikes, which are later proved to be stolen (by the Police), will get their money back.

We also stock 2 categories of locks:

  1. Cheap (snatch-proof from £6 to £20) and
  2. Insurance company approved (from £25 to £120).

Happy parking!


You don’t even get that for murder

Just a short note on our belated birthday.

As of 1st October 2012,

we have been repairing bikes for over 23 years.

You don’t even get that for murder.


Permanently eliminate the biggest problem with bicycles: flat tires

We see a lot of new cycling products on T’InterWeb – some good, mostly shit / useless / unnecessary / done before / etc. Remember: every new product further kills our planet.

However, the following is one product we wholeheartedly support and wish to stock for our customers.
(Hat-Tip to:

The Milele Tube

” There are over 5 million people in sub-Saharan Africa who scratch out a living with their bicycles. Many spend over a day’s wages every other week to fix their bike. It is a market served by low quality, imported goods with no focus on products that add value to their lives. “

” Baisikeli Ugunduzi’s first product permanently eliminates the biggest problem with bicycles, flat tires, for less than $10. The Milele tube uses a flexible solid tube and replaces conventional pneumatic tubes. Boda boda (bicycle taxis) spend around a quarter of their income fixing flat tires alone! The Milele tube eliminates the risk of a flat tire and the burden of costly and frequent tube repairs.  This technology lasts several years, never flats, doesn’t need air, can be cut to length for any size wheel, can be reused as tires wear out, and rides like conventional tubes. “

The Milele Tube

Jeffrey (one of the test riders) shows off the Milele tube for a national news agency.

See the website here.

Of course such a product would be GOOD for cyclists worldwide.

Of course such a product would NOT BE GOOD be good for the western world’s “Bicycling Industry” – which doesn’t give a s**t about environmental, social or economic sustainability and relies on the sale of new bikes & products to justify its existence and profits.

At Re-Cycle Engineering, we give a s**t and are trying to encourage Repair, Reuse and Renovation – very much an antithesis to all other shops and the ‘Industry’. We would love it if we could provide this solution to our customers.

As a contrast to the Milele Tube, see this product: At face value, it seems like a good idea. On closer examination, one could ask all sorts of questions (How much will it cost once mass-manufacturing is attained?, Can mud, stones and snow get clogged inside?, What’s the lateral stiffness?, How does one vary the ‘pressure’ or tension? Will tyre manufactures be able to provide various tread surfaces?, Can it made to fit my existing wheels?. etc.). Apologies to the designers, we can’t see this product making it into the mainstream.


Recycle Engineering – Gangnam Style

No, this ain’t us (we’re too ugly & crap at dancing to put our entertainment efforts on T’InterWeb)!

The above is from another recycling business with the same(ish) name (Recycle Engineering Co.Ltd. ) as ours (Re-Cycle Engineering).

Hope you enjoy.


Term & Conditions: Late collection and abandonment of repaired bicycles

About 1 in 2,000 of our customers DO NOT collect their repaired bikes. This puts us in a quandary:

  • How many phone calls should we make to contact the cyclist to remind them that their bike is ready for collection?
  • How long should be store their bike(s)?
  • What if the customer doesn’t contact us back?
  • What if the bike has been abandoned?
  • What can we do to recoup the cost our labour and parts?>
  • etc.

Therefore, the following will apply:

Hear Yea, Hear Yea.

  1. All repair works must be collected within 28 days of presentation.
  2. All repair works NOT COLLECTED within 42 days will be regarded as ABANDONED and become the property of Re-Cycle Engineering.
  3. Late collection (between and including the 28th and 42nd day) will incur an additional storage charge of £5.00 per day per repair work (for a 7 days per week = £35).
  4. The above automatically to all users of Re-Cycle Engineering.

Don’t worry though.

We appreciate that may maybe on holiday, become ill, have a change of working times, etc. – tell us on presentation (or call us on 0113 – 274 5229) to discuss alternative arrangements. If you don’t contact us, we wont be able to help you.


  • Repair works brought in on Thursday, 1st November 2012 (= Day0).
  • Cost of repair = £43.
  • Repair works not collected by 6pm, Thursday, 29th November 2012 (Day28).
  • Day29 is Storage Start Day1 (SSD1).
  • Repair works will be stored until 6pm, Thursday 13th December 2012 (Day42).

Possible outcomes:

  1. Repair works is not collected by 6pm, Thursday 13th December 2012 (Day42) – the . Bike will become the property of Re-Cycle Engineering.
  2. Repair works is collected on Tuesday, 4th December 2012 (Day33 (SSD5)) – the customer will pay the cost of repair + 5 days storage (= £43 + £25.00 [5 days @ £5.00] = £68.00).
  3. Customer attempts to collect the repair works after 6pm, Thursday 13th December 2012 (Day42). Sorry, nothing doin’.

Just for the record – Threat of ‘Hard Time’ from my mates in HMRC

We recently had a disagreement with a customer who had left his 2 bikes for repair (for 2½ months). The details if the disagreement is not the issue. What are the issue are:

  1. the shop owner was physically threatened with violence my the customer (witnesses available) and
  2. the customer’s wife/partner ‘promised’ to get in contact with somebody she knew in HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs) to give us a “hard time”.

We are not concerned about the former – we will have defended ourselves!!!

What does concern us is the latter – if the ‘promise’ becomes reality:

  • we will deal with it – we have nothing to hide.
  • it will be further evidence of how  to the government and its minions will BEHAVE CORRUPTLY for their ‘pals’ (see this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, ad nauseum).

So, FOR THE RECORD, there you are.

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Hit & Run (5:20pm, Saturday, 2012-08-18): Driver of a Vauxhall Astra WANTED

Raham Saleem

Raham Saleem

There’s been a spate of hit-and-runs in this area recently.

We’ve actually got an customers’ bike in for (expensive) repairs at the moment following an incident at Hyde Park corner – the police have got an independent eye-witness and have written(!) to the  that driver to explain him/herself.

Then, last Saturday (same day as the incident below), on the corner of Norwood Mount & Grove, another cyclist was nearly hit by a silver, Astra at about 4pm, driven by a woman using her mobile phone. We’ll be informing the police ASAP about that event.

The following incident is of particular disgust.


Raham Saleem, two, and his sister Sabam were struck as they walked home after buying onions for the family’s Eid celebrations.

West Yorkshire Police said the driver of the silver Vauxhall Astra slowed down to see what had happened after hitting the children in the Hyde Park area of Leeds on Saturday evening, then sped away from the scene. …

Detectives know the car is a mark four model, meaning it was made between 1998 and 2005. …

This is a small, close-knit community and people want to help,” the detective said.

To the driver:

Give yourself up – it will only be a matter of time before you’re caught.


Not taking repairs until 25th August 1012 (except for our regular customers)

Apologies to all cyclists and our (potential) new customers. We cannot accept any new requests for repair work until the 25th August.

The above does NOT apply to our regular customers!

The GOOD news: We will try to continue our “Whilst You Wait” service for small repairs (e.g. fit new inner tubes, fit new wheel(s), etc.).

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Not taking repairs until 18th August 1012 (except for our regular customers)

Although we hardly advertise, we are (again) inundated with bicycle repairs.

So, we will NOT be taking any more repairs in until 18th August 2012 (Saturday).

Our apologies to all cyclists

The above does NOT apply to our regular customers!

The GOOD news: We will try to continue our “Whilst You Wait” service for small repairs (e.g. fit new inner tubes, fit new wheel(s), etc.).

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